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Every time I spoke to somebody about my dream, it only got bigger and more ”organized”. When I put this plan forward to a couple of my friends, one of them, my partner Amreen Khan jumped in and said she²d be a part of anything ¦ was planning to do without even questioning my plan. Amreen has been my biggest strength and pillar of support through this journey, always pushing me out of tough spots and ¦ hope to never Let her down. ¦ was eating, drinking & sleeping THE COVETED – The name, logo and design, something that we are so proud of is conceptualized by a very talented dear friend, the brilliant Anoop Sathyanand. The Coveted is a premium fashion store that focuses mainly on woman²s fashion. We import various  international  brands,  some  of  which  are patronized by many celebs from all over the word like Paris Hilton, Sophie Trudoe, Gwen Stephanie and many more. In fact, Dannie Minogue in her latest song has worn a dress  that is available in our store. We believe the woman form is the most beautiful and we all have our own minor imperfections that make us even more beautiful.


We provide a luxury experience that meets your needs to wear a highly fashionable dress every time you step out, be it for brunch or for cocktails. We take pride in that The Coveted is a luxury brand no doubt but, is an ”every day wearable luxury brand”. Ours is a Highly  curate  designer  store  for  the  globally fashion–conscious woman. We predict and buy what usually ends up as best sellers in some of the major fashion stores in the international market. Exclusivity is our virtue. We don²t buy in bulk. We usually buy one in each size: XS, S, M & L. Sometimes we only buy certain sizes depending on the style & cut of the dress.  We  would  like  everyone  that  wears  a  The Coveted to look & feel good when they step out in one. We want to be a brand in the country that is truly a ”Desire to own”!


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