Work from home...... Stay in fashion

The New Culture –  Work from home...... Stay in Fashion

In the past years we have seen different types to work culture and it’s fashion that’s prevailing in the fashion industry . Work from home was a culture that was followed by a niche crowd  but recently this culture has got a wide open adaption in and around the world . “Work from home” is the new fashion culture and the fashion industries is trying to tackle this booming culture, Since it has created a stir in the industries.

 Brands are brain storming to come up with a new line for people who are going to be the face of this culture and ask themselves  ‘’What Am I Wearing For Work Today” . Most of us miss this question!! But all us are trying our best to tackle this question.

The brands are going to throw some amazing  but subtle colours , silhouette, textures to create a newness to the working atmosphere . Working from home in the past involved Pyjamas , hoddies  shorts etc but now it includes T-shirt dress , knits ,  wide leg pants ,even the lounge wear is merging with the work from home fashion to create a comfortable atmosphere while they are trying to figure what is their work from home aesthetic.

Now  this trend we believe is a part of the fashion pyramid and will remain for a while for many. So if you are indulging in “work from home” you can step  out of your  pyjamas and look fashionable while being a part of this present and future trend . Fashion is staying at the helm of this culture..... are you? 

Note : this is for your everyday at work from home scenario. You ofcourse can not go by this for your more formal meetings.

Blog by : intern designer/ stylist for The Coveted : @anilawilson

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