Vintage Grunge

Vintage Grunge Is a very 90’ fashion combo. Here we evolve it a little to fit into the 2020’s with a pretty white slinky dress. Not only is this styled to show femininity but also enforces a super chilled cool look too. The loafers further enhances the “cool-girl” style.

You can stick to the high heels, like I would at any given point. It adds style to your grungy look. And while it does that, it enforces a more serious finish to this otherwise cool look. A look that may have others trying to decipher YOU. Hot or cold?

Ha. Keep them guessing.

Throw in an oversized tote to go with it. A bag that can team up perfectly well with the loafers or the heels. Blends in perfectly fine with both looks.

There’s so much you can do, mix-match with a single outfit. You can either dress it up or dress it own. And then again, a zillion ways to do that too. Here we picked this pretty, fun, brunchy short white dress from @the_coveted_ to show you how you can play around with accessories to style it to go with the occasion or your mood.

Of course we suggest you wear this pretty dress a few times just the way it is. And, when you are bored, mix it up. You will be surprised to see how you can change the entire look & feel of the actual outfit. Not only is this refreshingly fun, it helps to break the monotony of an existing dress in your wardrobe.

The coveted encourages quality over quantity. Shop mindfully. Don’t be penny wise pound foolish!

#doyouownacovetedyet ?

You can buy this Coveted outfit online :

Outfit : @the_coveted_

Stylist : @anilawilson

Model : @josheela_lobo

Hair & Make up : @faceartiseymua17

Photography : @kiranadityaphotography

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