The Ever Desirable Crop Tops

Every woman dreams of being able to wear a crop top & wear it right..... right?


Yes, crop tops are very trendy and many women just die to make crop tops work for them. The good news is, you can be thin, pear-shapped, tall, petite, curvy, whatever....... There is a crop top for everyone. You just need to wear it right.


Yes, there’s a thin line that can be crossed over very easily to looking tacky.....  if you show that bellybutton. We suggest you team it with something high waisted - be it a pair of straight cut high waist jeans or a high waist skirt. And you can go a step further close to being modest by wearing a nice over coat or even a shirt.

If it’s a loose-fitting crop top,  pair it with pencil skirts of skinnies.

If you are a beginner to this trend, we suggest you wear it under a denim overall..... super cute & always trendy.

There are so many “rules” of dressing for the curvier among us—and it’s time we remind the world that rules are meant to be broken. You can consider wearing a lace bralette (crop top) under a buttoned-up suit..... so hot! 

Don’t be shy ladies...... wear what you want. Most importantly, wear that confidence with anything you dream to wear & go conquer the world!

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