Runway Bohotrends By Ms Kiran Kalra Founder Coveted

This trend is going to surprise you! It is not what you think it used to be. The recent runway shots indicate that this trend that has been picked up from the
streets can go from bohemian to ultra chić! The art of tiedyeing is an ancient process that has been used as early as the 6th Century in countries including Japan, India and Africa; going by a different name in each region.Tie-dye is a modern term for Shibori which originated from Japan & Indonesia which was
practised there from the 8th century. It is a trend that has been highly popular in Africa for years. The tie-dyed fabric is richly embroidered in traditional patterns and identified with hippie fashion.This trend gained huge popularity in the US back in 1909. It was inexpensive and available as T-shirts, dresses and creations that had a psychedelic effect. In 1960’s, British fashion designer Gordon Deighton, created tie-dyed shirts &; trousers for fashionable men in London. In India too, the popular
form of this trend, also called Bandhini has been passed down from generations in the states of Rajasthan & Gujarat. In China during the T’sang Dynasty, this

was a fashion trend privileged to the wealthy & priests. The colours used indicated the level of social status of the wearer.Tie & dye on silks during this period was also used in tombs as a mark of respect for those buried.Down to basics & back to history, tie & dye can be referred back to the hippie movement in the US which is largely responsible for bringing the concept to the attention of the American population where they wanted to stand out and show solidarity & support to the human, political & sexual revolution that was taking over the country at that time. And boy did they stand out!.... created history too!.... and so loud that even to date tie & dye relates to the whole hippielook&culture;something that has been so very difficult to break away from. Buthold it right there because now things are about to change!!! The tie- dye is now a major trend veiling the 2019 runways. So coming back to the present day, the summer of 2018 saw the tie-dye trend playing as a big “influencer” on the ramp. Dior’s creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri had a huge hand in bringing out the “Couture Tie-Dye” inspired by modern dance. She worked on 12 kaleidoscope patterns and styled her designs in layers giving it a 3D effect. We see this trend fiercely going into 2020 as well. Will it last beyond that? Only time will tell. Because of its huge hippie influence, you would think somehow, it would be very difficult for many fashionistas to break away from the strong influence of the historic effects of this style. But, one look at the images, we know this trend is straight from the runways. We can only say with amazement that another magical trend got a
huge makeover. And because of the amazing fusion of so many beautiful bright colours,the end result of an outfit seems to be mind blowing. StellaMcCartney,MSGM & Prada have indulged in this vibrant trend using couture
fabrics & feminine silhouettes that are also very modern.We asked Riddhima Kapoor Sahni a fashion jewellery designer, who’s also the daughter of the
veteran stars of Bollywood- Neetu Singh & Rishi Kapoor, to share her thoughts on this trend and here’s what she said: “Personally I have always been a fan of the tie-dye trend and glad it’s made a come back this season and is making its way to high street and on the runway. Anuja Pandey, founder of Lofty Spectrums, a very popular fashion & lifestyle blogger says, “ Tie-dye is a simple print that was never
identified as a fashion statement since it was just seen as a budget friendly wear. But now, it has joined the brigade of high class fashion trends this season.
Kiran Kalra founder of The Coveted, personally gives a heads up to the cool and eye soothing pastels like a bubble gum pink or icy blue coloured tee in tie-dye as
it totally looks hip. “I believe going for minimal, so if I wear an outfit I would prefer to don a tie-dye denim jacket to make a fashion statement; or, may be, a denim
tie-dye shorts might catch my fancy. While I believe you need to give a contemporary spin to the classic idea of tie n dye to make it work in your favour, this is also true that the classic iteration in its vibrant hues of this print too might complement many of us depending on our personality and the vibes we wish to exude”.We say, it’s time to bring in the vibrant colours to your wardrobe & life. So, stay calm and add those passionate & fiery colours to the canvas of your life!

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