Ruching out with elan!

The ruched dresses that are currently trending area vintage style inspired by the 1940’s cocktail dresses. This one I’d say is timeless though.

You can trace this down to fashion in the period 1700’s in European and European influenced countries. The fashion trends introduced in this era had a great impact on society. Clothing during this time can be characterised by soft pastels, light, airy and asymmetrical designs and playful styles. Trim in the form of applied lace and fabric robings, that is strips of ruched, gathered or pleated fabric replaced the plain style.

In the recent past, it was a popular option for mature women who desired an easy, sophisticated and formal dress. It was also found popular during the prom season amongst young girls influenced by the older women’s sense of dressing and wanting to ape the “mature” look.

Let’s try to understand this style. Ruching is essentially the gathering of fabric. This could be fabric gathered into frills and pleats, or it could be fabric that has been ruched on the sides, at the hips or bust to make a dress more shapely, or it could be fabric that is ruched with an elastic running through it or even a cord that can be tightened or loosened and tied at the ends to fit the person wearing the garment.

It’s a style that gives a dress a finish that works wonders especially for women wanting to hide their minor flaws if any across the midriff. And those who have a great figure, this style just enhances it further. It can be a crimped or ridged overlay on the sides of a dress or even at the neck & sleeves.

Flatteringly gathered gowns are gaining popularity through the fashion world since the past couple of months and you will continue to see more of these through 2019. According to Pinterest, search for ruched items of clothing was up 108 per cent.

Many top brands have been showcasing dresses and shirts with flattering gathers.

An international fashion magazine recently revealed that this was definitely one of the top 10 trends to start wearing in 2019. Adding, “If you invest in one dress style next season, make sure it has ruching — a romantic take on body-con, and much more forgiving. Carefully-positioned ruching has mighty figure-enhancing potential; it adds curves to slimmer frames and those with curvier silhouettes will appreciate its ability to stretch in the right places. Givenchy balanced ruched detailing with accordion pleating to create a dress that will be at the top of many wishlists next season, while Calvin Klein used it to cinch it in the waist.”

Amongst all the top brands that you will see on the runways, we personally favour Versace with this one. You will find enough and more of this trend through their latest collection on the racks and designs that we think are absolutely stunning. We definitely recommend them.

While ruched dresses do great to camouflage the midriff, and enhances the figure, be careful you don’t go overboard with it. Too much of it can totally ruin the dress.

We recommend a strappy slip dress in silk ruched slightly on one side with a high slit. Another one of our favourite looks is a long bustier dress with a sheer fabric covering the bust with gathers around the neckline and sleeves adding drama and glamour to a high waisted gown.

You can also use velvet to give your ruched dress a rich look & feel. And that’s another trend gaining popularity in the fashion world right now which we will talk about soon.

Elizabeth John, a designer and fashion stylist who believe in curating impeccable visual experiences through styling and design and is also the creative director at a fashion school in Bengaluru says, “Ruched dresses will definitely be a big S/S trend in 2019. This detail if placed well on dresses can suit just about anyone and everyone, as it adds visual volume and mass to more petite frames and on the other hand it hides body irregularities for larger frames. And because of its versitality it’s going to be big in S/S 2019! As it’s a trend for everyone!! It’s been on the runways globally, thanks to designers like Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci to name a few. Soon after which this 80’s inspired trend has been worn and styled by several celebrities and influencers like Alexa Chung, Kendall Jenner, Ashley Graham, Santoshi Shetty and many more!”

Varsha Abhishek, a local celebrity stylist,  says, “ Ruched dresses are one of my favorite trends and a must have. What I love about them is that they can make a body con dress even more sexy. The right amount of ruching at the right place can create flattering curves to a plus size body , while slimmer frames can use ruching to add curves wherever desired. Ruched dresses in slightly stretchable fabric do the best job. Moreover this hot trend is taking over ramps everywhere”.
Fashion designer Raj Shroff, says, “It’s an ideal dress to wear to a sundowner short and tight. An ideal dress to wear long and petite to an evening cocktail party too! It’s an all time ideal dress with only trick being balancing the ruched part. Figure balanced with right amount of ruching is a perfect dress”!

They say, it’s not about what size you wear but how you wear your size. This is one trend that styles all sizes — a wardrobe must have for all!

—The writer helms a  fashion brand with international elements, and walks the talk when it comes to runway rousing!

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