Denim is a way of life & a love that never fades.....

Denim is universally popular. Amongst us women, 2019 saw the short skirts come out a bit more than usual. And even though they were trending, not too many were seen in it. 2020 though is a game changer. What you will see in abundance are the long ones. Styled differently.

Some you will see long with high slits. Some till the knees & tight. Some A-line, some patched in different shades of denim ...... wait a minute. Before we go right ahead with this trend, we wanna talk a little more about the pretty patches. Now this one is super cool. The reason why we personally like it is because denim tends to look heavy & monotonous when there’s too much of it. These patches look beautiful & absolutely refreshing. Adds an element of fun to it too! Don’t you think so?

You can find so many interesting styles to choose from the latest trends, from fitted pencil skirts to front button-down minis. We personally prefer the light weight denims as they drape & fall better. What we absolutely don’t like is the trending frills added to this piece of garment. We’d rather leave the frills for the sheers & softer styles.

We share with you reference pictures of different ways to dress this piece of garment.

Denim is a way of life & a love that never fades..... expressing simplicity & depth ..... like a river that runs deep...... always stealing your heart.......

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